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Our team at Dingwall Ford in Dryden can tell you with 100% assurance that the 2021 Ford Bronco was worth the wait. The reimagined and re-engineered icon is a powerhouse. Built with intention, capability, and durability in mind, the Bronco will carry you wherever you hear the call.

The Bronco is a force. You’ll love the cockpit, capability, and confidence-building safety features contained in this incredible package. With seven models to choose from, you’re sure to find the answer to all your outdoor adventuring needs.


You’ll be able to tell right away that the interior of the Bronco was designed with a purpose. Clearly visible and intuitive gauges, controls, and instrument panels guide you exactly where you need to go.

There is plenty of elbow and cargo room inside the Bronco. Easy-to-clean upholstery or marine-grade vinyl seating choices make cleaning up a breeze. Available rubberized, washable floors with integrated drains allow you to hose out the interior and start over. It’s that simple.

With multiple options for door and window removal, you can choose how much fresh air you need. The backseat crew will appreciate no crossbar between the front and back rows, delivering Best-in-Class second-row and overall openness with the top removed.


The Bronco exceeds expectations. Our 4x4 with Part Time Selectable Engagement provides you with options. Electronic Shift on the Fly (ESOF) 2-speed transfer case is the base “part-time” system that provides you with three driving modes to fit your particular terrain. These modes increase wheel torque to better handle conditions like deep sand or snow, steep grades, or even heavy pulling.

Explore with confidence knowing you’ve got our class-exclusive 7-speed manual transmission (6+1 Crawler Gear) paired with the available 2.3L engine. Our manual transmission features an up to best-in-class 94.75:1 crawl ratio. Get up that trail! We’ve got you covered.

Easily accessible on your dashboard, the Off-Road Hero Switch Pack lets you stay in control while you’re in the wilds. A simple push of a button lets you engage up to six standard and available features that include sway bar disconnect, front and rear differential lock, Trial Turn Assist, electronic stability control, and hazard lights.

Ford reimagined this Bronco so no trail would be left untraveled. Ford makes available both a Best-in-Class break-over with an available maximum departure angle of 37.2 degrees and a Best-in-Class 29-degree break-over angle.

There is no reason not to head into uncharted territory with available Best-in-Class Ground Clearance. With 11.6 inches on the 2-door model and 11.5 inches on the 4-door model when equipped with available 35-inch tires, your Bronco can handle even the most challenging terrain.

If you’re interested in getting across that stream, go right ahead. Our high-mounted air intake and Best-in-Class ground clearance mean that we can promise an available Best-In-Class fording capability of up to 33.5 inches. Streams, rivers, and even super mud puddles won’t stand in your way!


Whether you’re on the trail or highway, your safety is most important to us. The Ford Co-Pilot360 Technology suite of driver-assist features has all the bells and whistles you need to feel more confident when you’re on the road. Many of these features are standard across all Ford models. Be sure to talk with your sales team member about which of these features are available on the model in which you’re most interested. Safety features include:

  • Blind Spot Information System. When a vehicle enters your blind spot, our system illuminates a small light in the corresponding side-view mirror. You keep your eyes on the road ahead, without turning and twisting to check for traffic behind and beside you.
  • Lane Keeping System. If you should inadvertently drift out of your detected lane of traffic, our system will gently notify you to refocus. If you are unable to refocus, our system will guide your vehicle back into the center of your detected lane.
  • Auto High-Beam Headlamps. You wouldn’t think that headlamps were a safety feature, but that’s because you haven’t seen these before! Our system detects ambient light and activates your high and low beams depending on the available light. You’ll never accidentally blind oncoming traffic, and you’ll always have the right amount of light to see exactly where you’re going.

About Us

Our team at Dingwall Ford in Dryden works hard to exceed your expectations. We know that buying a vehicle is an investment, so we provide you with the information you need to make the best decision. We don’t hassle or hound you, but answer your questions and help you think through your options based on our years of experience and knowledge of our brand.

The redesigned, reimagined Ford Bronco is a beauty. It provides a perfect balance between the hard-nosed, rough and rugged, get-out-and-go machine you need to take on life less traveled and a vehicle you can enjoy on a day-to-day commute.

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