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Engineered for an on-the-go lifestyle, the Edge provides a comfortable interior, fun technologies, and safety features that promote extra confidence. With five models to choose from, the Edge has something for everyone - at a price point you have to see to believe!


Choose from several seating and trim options to match your style! From plush fabrics to leather trim, you’ll be sure to find something that delights.

This SUV has plenty of elbow room inside for all your people and all their things.

Designed to open up the dashboard and provide more room around the steering wheel, the rotary gear shift dial is conveniently located in the center console. You’ll notice improved bin space, intelligent storage options, and a USB port right where you need it most.


You need to stay connected no matter how far you roam. Ford+Alexa brings all the capabilities of Amazon Alexa straight to your vehicle. Connect to SYNC 3 AppLink and access voice navigation, traffic information, add to your Amazon Prime shopping list, and control smart-home devices like temperature control and lighting. It’s not quite The Jetsons’ - but it’s close!

You said you wanted it, so we provide it! We are happy to partner with the crowd-sourced navigation and traffic app Waze to provide you with real-time traffic alerts, detour information, road hazards, and traffic jams. With SYNC 3 AppLink, you can move Waze to your dash screen and access it on a larger display. Available via iPhone in Ford vehicles equipped with SYNC 3 software, Waze is also available on Android Auto.

Whether you’re going to the grocery store or on a road trip, you need a soundtrack. Load your favorite playlists and pump them through our available B&O Sound System by Bang & Olufsen. This surround sound experience guarantees you won’t miss a beat - from The Wiggles to The Beatles, we’ve got you covered.

The complimentary FordPass App connects you to your Edge in a way you could’ve only imagined a few years ago. Move throughout your day with the assurances that FordPass provides, like:

  • Remote start/stop your vehicle
  • Remote lock/unlock
  • Call for roadside assistance
  • Compare fuel prices along the route
  • Receive vehicle data (fuel levels, oil life, etc.)

Every day, we are innovating new technologies to help our drivers in a myriad of ways. Ford is constantly researching, developing, and updating to ensure that you have the latest and greatest technologies at your fingertips.


Your safety is our top priority. With a suite of driver-assistance technologies standard across our models, our commitment to safety has never been more evident. These safety features help you detect hazards you may not otherwise have noticed. Be sure to ask one of our sales team members which of these features are available on the model in which you’re most interested. Some of these features include:

  • Blind Spot Information System. When a vehicle enters your blind spot, we alert you to its presence by illuminating a small light in the corresponding side-view mirror. You won’t have to swivel and turn your head to look behind you ever again. Let us help!
  • Lane-Keeping System. Should you deviate from your detected lane without using your turn signal, our system will alert you to refocus on the road ahead. If you veer from your lane multiple times, our system will gently remind you that a coffee break might be a good idea!
  • Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking. Sometimes traffic stops short and catches you off-guard. With this system, if our sensors detect that traffic ahead of you is moving slower than you are, it alerts you to apply the brakes. If you don’t use the brakes and the system determines a frontal crash may be imminent, our system will automatically apply the Emergency Braking system to mitigate any damage.
  • Automatic High-Beam Headlamps. You may not think of headlights as a safety feature, but that’s because you’ve never seen these! Since they automatically transition between brights and dim lights depending on detected ambient light, you don’t have to give lights even one thought while you’re driving. It’s that simple - and that revolutionary!

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Our team at Dingwall Ford in Dryden can give you tons of reasons that we love the Edge. But you should see it for yourself. Take a test drive. Kick the tires. Ask us all your questions.

We know you’ll like what you see. The Edge is a top-quality vehicle for folks on-the-go. Let us figure out a way for you to drive one home TODAY.
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